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Event Options and Planning Configurator

To use this Event Planning Configurator, follow the directions and select your desired options. Review the cost estimate and print a copy for your records before you leave this page. Fax the printed copy to Michael Vena to complete your requirements for your event.

The purpose of this form is to enable you to generate and review an Estimate for Budgeting the cost for your event. There are many options which may or may not apply to your event, and the list is continuously updated. However, using the form will result in an estimated cost for your event. NOTE: If you have a specific budget, "The Barn" offers customized event packages. If you need help with this form or require information on a customized event package or if you need to reserve a date, call Michael Vena 630-327-7399 cell or page 312-797-9674. Once you have selected your options and printed your event form, please fax it to Michael at 630-325-3559 for consulting and review of your event for planning purposes. Options NOTE: Food and Beverage Options can be changed up to eight days before your event..

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 Base Lease for "The Barn" & the Grounds  

AKF Provides ALL Food and Beverage for all Events at "The Barn"

If Outside Catering is required and approved by AKF Management then a Fee of 15% will be charged for the total cost of the event. If the Outside Caterer needs to use the AKF Kitchen for any Cooking for Example: Using the 4 Burner Gas Stove, Double Convection Ovens, Gas Char- Grill, Microwave, Mini Convection Oven, Walk-in Cooler/ Freezer, 2 Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator, 3 Stainless Steel Prep Tables, 3 Compartment Stainless Steel Wash Sink, etc… then $150.00/hour will be charged to the Event.

NOTE: After Using the AKF Kitchen it must Properly Cleaned, if it is not Properly Cleaned to the DuPage County Health Dept. Standards then there will be addition charges to the Event to meet this Health Dept. Standard.
A Non Cooking Charge of $100.00/hour for Prep use ONLY will be charged to the Event. The same
Cleanup must be done to meet the DuPage County Health Dept. Standards or there will be addition charges to the Event to meet this Health Dept. Standard.

The Buffet Line 5 Compartment Stainless Steel Electric Steam Table Rental
Fee is $85.00, the Warmers Rental Fee is $35.00 each and the Microwave is $25.00. Addition Charges for all table and chair setup, all linens table cloths, table skirting. Center pieces, AKF staff, clean up and garbage removal etc... The Pricing will be based on the Current Pricing a stated below.

NOTE: ALL Pricing for Food and Beverages are subject to change without notice based on current market conditions at the time of the Event.

These Options can be Selected or Changed by your group and charged during the event verbally, via phone calls, emails, text messages or from AKF Management meeting notes prior to the event. You can make various changes and selections before and during your event to make your event successful. AKF will need to know how long various options selected will be needed. A $100.00 rental fee to use an AKF PC if it is needed for a video or audio presentation on the 3 movie screens for your event.

Note: Various options are grouped into categories for direct access. You may jump to a specific category by clicking its name below, however, it is recommended that you review all categories to ensure nothing is overlooked.

 Event Options (Services, Props, )  "Country Wedding"Options
 AKF Rides Offered  AKF Custom Buffet Menu
AKF Games and Activities  AKF Custom Beverage Menu

AKF Event Options (Enter qty for all that apply)

 Parking Attendants (required for more than 30 cars) 2 hour minimum $15.00/man hour. Please enter number of man hours which is clock hours times number of parking attendants required. (average event 2 attendants 2 hrs = 4 qty)  qty  
 AKF Farm Staff or AKF Security Personnel to work your event - $15.00 per man hour. Please enter number of man hours which is clock hours times number of personnel required to support your event..  qty  
 Shuttle Bus Service from off site parking lot 4 minutes away from " The Barn" (bus capacity = 45 guests) - $65.00 per bus hour. ( For events with more than 700 guest) Please enter number of bus hours which is clock hours times number of buses required.  qty  
 Willowbrook Police Security on site- $65.00 per man hour
Please enter number of man hours which is clock hrs times number. of police personnel required to service your event for security and/or traffic control..
 Portable Toilets (Note: 1 per 100 guests in excess of 500 guest) $95.00/ea  qty  
 Portable Hand Wash Sinks (Note: 1 per 300 guests or 500 people) - $95.00/ea  qty  
 Insect Fogging picnic grounds and/or indoor show arena(s)- $50.00@  qty  
 Water Troughs for ice $12.00/ea, Not needed if you have the AKF Beverage Package..  qty  
 Ice - 8 lb bags - $3.00/ea, Not needed if you have the AKF Beverage Package.  qty  
 Portable 6 foot bar - $75.00 for 2nd bar only for groups over 500.    
 Bar Tenders - $18.00 per man hour. Please enter number of man hours which is clock hours times number of Bar Tenders required for your event.  hrs  
 2nd Bar Tender  Starting Time______  Ending Time______
 3rd Bar Tender  Starting Time______  Ending Time______
 4th Bar Tender  Starting Time______  Ending Time______
 Tent (20 ft x 30 ft) installed - no sides White & Yellow - $250.00    
 Tent (20 ft x 20 ft) installed - no sides White & Red - $225.00    
 Tent (9 ft x 9 ft) pop up installed - no sides White or Blue - $75.00    
 AKF Dance Floor - $800.00 or $1,200.00    
 White and Yellow Tent Large Tent (40 ft x 80 ft) installed- no sides . - $1,295.00 (set up and take down)    
 Stage Lighting (5 hours) - $125.00    
 Disco Lighting (Includes Attendant) 5 hours - $100.00    
 Spotlights or Audio Crew $15.00 per man hour. Please enter number of man hours which is clock hrs times number of personnel required.  qty  
 Tables -Rectangular 3' x 8' (set up & take down) - $8.00/ea  qty  
 Tables - Round 6' (set up & take down) - $10.50/ea  qty  
 White linens for Rectangular Tables - $12.00/ea  qty  
 White linens for Round Tables or Table Skirting - $14.00/ea  qty  
 Chairs (set up & take down) - $1.75/ea  qty  
 P.A. system rental microphone & speakers - $75.00    
 Dual Cassette Tape, CD or DVD Player - $50.00/ea  qty  

 Audio and Visual Equipment Package: Large Movie Screen 10' x 20' with Color InFocus LP925 Projector for DVDs or Movies (Theater Seating 450), Cable TV Connect (Sports etc..), VHS Tapes, 2 Digital Video Cameras Optional for on Screen, Kodak Slide Projector, Over Head Projector, CDs, Mini CDs, Cassettes Tapes, PC or Mac attached with option for High Speed Internet Connection.

A JBL 6 Speaker Sound System. Theater Stage Lighting front and back lighting, Max Stage size 24' x 24'. Plus two Spot Lights, Disco Lighting and Fog System, Black Lights, A Mirror 36" Ball and a Mirror Turning Western Saddle, AKF Complete Package for Meetings, Seminars, Presentations or Entertainment. Includes set up and take down.

Rental AKF's AV Package....... Starting at $495.00


 DVD of the Bride & Groom, Birthday, Anniversary or Graduating Person, Movie of Your Choice for Children, Sporting Event of the Day, or for Sports Teams:

On the Large 20'x17' Movie Screen Rated for Children and Adults. Movie of Your Choice: On the Large 10'x 20' Movie Screen Rated for Adults or Children, Shown in the Reception Hall, Seating from 10 to to 400 guest. Example of Movies for Children: Toy Story, Monsters Inc,.Shrek, Ice Age, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Scooby Doo, Peter Pan, Jimmy Neuteon, Air Bud, Snow Dogs & more. For the Adults: any request of your choice from James Bond, Time Machine, Men in Black, Titanic, Ghost, Hannibal, Bravehart, Harts War, Mission Impossible, The Godfather, Basic Instinct, A Beautiful Mind Etc.....$100.00
 Clean up Picnic Grounds $75.00 ( Good Humor Ice Cream, Egg Toss or Water Balloon Toss and for all Beverages etc......,)    
 Clean up Show Arena $50.00    
 Heating for indoor Show Arena - $75.00    
 Garbage Removal for large parties of over #300 guests - $75.00    
 Buckboard Wagon $25.00    
 Covered Wagon $25.00    
 Old Farm Wagon $20.00    
 Wooden Wagon Wheels $15.00/each pair  qty  
 Western Saddle and Blanket - $12.00/ea  qty  
 English Saddle and Blanket - $12.00/ea  qty  
 Milk cans or Country Props $8.00/ea  qty  
 Horse Head or Steer Head Skull $6.00/ea  qty  
 Old farm tools: pitch fork, saw, shovel, etc. $6.00/ea  qty  
 Classic Car Display (1957 T-Bird) $75.00    
 Straw or Hay Bales (set up & take down) $8.00/ea  qty  
 Aqua Breeze 30" Water Fans to cool indoor Show Arena. $250.00/pair    

 Options for Event Sub Totals


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AKF Rides Offered (Enter qty for all that apply)

 Hay Rides for Kids (buckboard wagon pulled by tractor) 4 to 5 kids
per 10 minute ride (Ride is rented in 1/2 hour units at $75.00 per 1/2 hr.)
Please enter number of 1/2 hour units which is clock hours times 2.
 Hay Ride Wagon pulled by AKF farm tractor (goes off-site) 15 to 20 people per ride (about 15 min.) [ Minimum rental is 3 hours for $550.00]    
 Additional hours for Hay Ride pulled by AKF farm tractor @ $100.00 per hour over 3 hours.  qty  
 Pony Rides $75.00 per 1/2 hour per pony (qty = # of 1/2 hrs times # of ponies) Please enter No.of 1/2 hour units which is clock hours times 2.  qty  
 Horse Rides $75.00 per 1/2 hour per horse (qty = # of 1/2 hrs times # of horses) Please enter No.of 1/2 hour units which is clock hrs times 2.  qty  
 Note: For Pony & Horse Rides, two AKF staff are required per rider for complete safety; one side person and one to lead the pony or horse.    
 Elephant Rides - $7500.00 for 4 hour minimum but call Michael at 630-327-7399 for a current Quote.    
 Additional hours for Elephant Rides $250.00 / hour over 4 hrs.  hrs  
 Camel Rides - 4 hour minimum $1195.00 per Camel.    
 Additional hours for Camel Rides @ $100.00 / hour over 4 hrs.  hrs  
 Polaroid Photo of each child or guest on a Pony, Horse, Elephant, Camel, in a Hay Wagon or in front of the AKF Western Town $3.00 ea.  qty  
 Arabian Horse Show Presentation to music with riders in costume in front of the AKF reviewing stands about 5 min. per horse. $40.00 per horse.  qty  

AKF Ride Sub Totals


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AKF Games and Activities (Enter qty for all that apply)
Click here to see Games Photos

 AKF's Uncle Jedd talking farm character - Life size talking Mechanically animated character. Head, eyes, mouth and hand move. You can have you own personal pre-recorded dialogue. Click here for details. (Rental: $225.00)    
 Volley Ball sets (with markers) @ $30.00 each set  qty  
 Bad Mitten (with markers) @ $25.00 each set  qty  
 Horse Shoe Sets @ $20.00 each set  qty  
 Boccie Ball - $25.00    
 Olympic Tug of War (Over water or land) $20.00    
 The "AKF Open" 9-Hole Miniature Golf $550.00    
 Moonwalk - AKF Bouncing Bronco with attendant (4 hours) $495.00    
 Dunk Tank (one man) - $250.00    
 AKF Water Balloon Toss & Sling Shot Games - $50.00 per 100 balloons. For qty enter how many hundreds of balloons you want; i.e. 100 balloons (qty = 1), 200 balloons (qty = 2), etc.  qty  
 Golf Pro Challenge (Each player on a team will get two chances to chip a velcro golf ball toward a single red spot for a hole in one on an upright velcro golf green.) - $60.00    
2 Mini Basketball Shoot-Out Games (Very similar to those seen in sports bars. Each player will have a chance to score as many baskets as possible in a mini basketball hoop within a predetermined time period. - $50.00    
 Football All-Star Toss (A large six foot screen with a target hole in the middle stands between the players and their success in this test of accuracy. - $50.00    
 Baseball All Star Toss -(A large six foot screen with a target hole in the middle stands between the players and their success in this test of accuracy. - $50.00    
 Clowns "Yo-Go the Clown" One full hour of High Energy Entertainment. Games, Dancing or Face Painting or both, Buttons the Clown Balloons or Magic Show for Children $200.00 per hour per clown, Please enter the number of man hours which is clock hours times number of clowns required for your event base on number of Guest invited.  qty  
 Puppet Show - $450.00 45 to 60 minutes.    
 Jugglers - $150.00 per hour, (Please enter no. of hours desired.)  hrs  
 Caricature Artist - $175.00 per hour.  hrs  
 Magicians - $450.00, (Please enter number of hours desired.)  hrs  
 Stilt Walkers - $175.00 per hr. Please enter number of hrs.desired.  hrs  
 AKF Multi-Media D.J. (Disc Jockey) - with a 12' X 20' Jumbo-Tron Movie Screen, Consert Stage and Sound System, plus Disco Light Show with Fog. $450.00 for 3 hours. (Over 50,000 Song Titles).    
 Additional hours for AKF D.J. @ $100.00 per hour over 3 hrs.  hrs  
 AKF- American Idle Music Videos $800.00 for 4 hours, each Guest will get a DVD to take home up to 50 DVD. $100 for addional 50 DVDs needed. You can link to view sample music videos. http://www.akfentertainment.net    
 Stunt Team - $750.00    
 Line or Square Dancing with Instruction - $200.00    
 Animal Show (snakes, large cats, birds, ....etc.) - $500.00    
 Monkey, Macaw, Parrot and more - $500.00    
 Organ Grinder and Monkey - $300.00    


 AKF Kids Games Packages Click here for details.

 Olympic Package - Team Competition with an awards presentation of an Olympic Gold Medal. and Red and White Ribbons for 2nd and 3rd place qualifying Teams.

Price depends on number of kids (Fill these fields) number of kids = and number of hours for package =

 Rodeo Race Package - Price depends on number of kids (Fill these fields)
no. of kids =
and no. of hours for package =
 "Don't Fence Me In" Package - Price depends on number of kids. Fill these fields number of kids = and number
of hours for package =
 Kids Fun-For-All Package - Price depends on number of kids.  kids  
 AKF Carnival Games Package - $600.00 for 3 hours - includes:
Ring Toss, Fat Cat, Duck Pond, Wheel of Fortune, Hi-Striker, Mini Basketball, Bean Bag Toss, Shooting Gallery, (with small prizes)
 Additional hours for AKF Carnival Games Package @ $200.00 per hour over 3 hours  hrs.  


 AKF Adult Games Packages Click here for details.
 Olympic Package - 2 hours of Team Competition with an awards presentation of an Olympic Gold Medal. and Red and White Ribbons for 2nd and 3rd place Teams. $250.00    
 AKF Laser Target Range on a Large Movie Screen with all the Sound affects. Can be played in Team Competition with or without the Olympic Package @ $100.00 per hour. (2 hour minimum rental with attendents) Extra hours can be added @ $100.00 per hour.  hrs  
 "Don't Fence Me In" Indoor Arena Package for rain out or evening indoor games(about 2 hours) - $250.00    
 Bingo Games (All Day ) Bingo Caller Not Included.- $100.00    
 AKF Slap Shot Hockey and AKF Shooting Gallery with velcor darts, AKF Attendant Required- $50.00 per hour  hrs  
 AKF "Pin The Tail"on the Donkey or Tic-Tac-Toss $20.00    
 AKF Bulls Eye or Bozo Buckets and AKF Bean Bag Toss, $20.00    
 AKF Rattlesnake Roundup - $20.00    
 AKF's Complete Game Package: Shooting Gallery, Bulls Eye, Rattlesnake Roundup, Football Toss, Baseball Toss, Golf Pro Challenge, 2 Mimi Basketball games, Pro Soccer, Bozo Buckets Bean Bag Toss, AKF Tic-Tac-Toe, 2 Volley Ball sets, Horseshoes, Tug of WAR, Boccie Ball. $500.00    

 Activities Sub Total


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AKF Inflatables & More Fun Games

Click on Game of Interest Below for Photos and Game Details!
Note: A new window will open for any of the following games. Simply close that window to return back to this page.

 Bungee Run with attendant (4 hours) $795.00    
 Joust with attendant (4 hours) $795.00    
 Obstacle Course with attendant (4 hours) $895.00    
 Big Time Boxing with attendant (4 hours) $895.00    
 Super Slide or Giant Slide with attendants (4 hours) $1,295.00    
 Bugsy The Caterpillar with attendant (4 hours) $595.00    
 The Fly Trap ( Human Velcro Wall) with attendant 4 hours - $795.00    
 The Amazing Castle Maze with attendant 4 hrs $495.00    
 Propella The Play Plane with attendant 4 hours $695.00    
 Rock Climbing Wall with attendant (4 hours) $1,495.00    
 Mechanical Bull Riding The AKF Mechanical Bull will give your guests a wild ride of FUN. Complete with inflated safety ring, electronic controls with varying speeds and digital timer, our colorful mechanical amusement will provide hours of fun! with AKF attendant: (4 hours)$1595.00    
 Winston The Whale with attendant (4 hours) $695.00    
 Balloon Typhoon with attendant (4 hours) $495.00    
 Sumo Wrestling with attendant (4 hours) $795.00    
 Money Machine with attendant (4 hours) $495.00    
 The Ultimate Wave with attendant (4 hours) $795.00    
 The Rodeo Roper with attendant (4 hours) $795.00    
 Trackless Train with attendant (4 hours) $895.00    

AKF Water Balloon Battles with attendant for (4 hours) Includes # 300 Water Balloons $795.00,

Extra Water Balloons $50.00 per # 100 balloons? #_______ x $.50 = $_______: Cost for Extra Water Balloons will be added to event option summary.


 Inflatables & Other Fun Games Sub Totals


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Additional Options For Country Weddings

Beautiful Ice Sculpture with White Spot lights or Colored Lighting $495.00 or the Bride & Groom can select a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN to add to a sweet table at the Wedding Reception serving 125 Special Guests: $495.00 Includes choice of the

3 Assorted Fruits: Strawberries, Pineapple and Melons,(other selection available) Pricing based on 125 Guests: $1.50 per guest over 125 Guests and $.75 for each additional selection.
 Bridal Carriage (1.5 hours minimum) $695.00.    
 Gazebo Rental (weather permitting) $250.00.    
Pair of Tiered Brass Candelabras with 14 candles total, 4.5 ft. high or Heart Shaped Brass Candelabra with 18 candles, 6.5 ft high $80.00.    
 Brass Lighted 7ft Wedding Arch for Wedding Ceremony or Head Table $80.00.    
 Crescent-shaped Brass Candelabra with 14 candles, 6.5 ft high $65.00.    
 Beautiful Wedding Cake $2.75 per person    
 Bride or Groom or both led in on Arabian Horses $400.00.    
 or Decorative Color Water Fountain - $75.00 Silver Wine Fountain    
Ceremony Chairs - set-up & take-down - $2.00 ea. qty  
White Pillars - $20.00 ea. qty  
2 Large White Swans - $75.00/pair - (with Green & White Vines)or (Fresh Flowers of your choice will be an extra fee)    

 Options for Country Weddings Sub Totals


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AKF Custom Party Buffet Menu
Customize your Party or Event Menu,by choosing your own Entrees, Side Dishes and Desserts!
NOTE: Price Per Guest is based on a 2 hour Buffet:
Please be sure you completed the Guest Count fields located at the top of this form.

Price per Guest
2 entrees & 2 sides
 Guest Count

 1 - 50

$ 14.50
 51 - 100

$ 13.50
 101 - 150

$ 12.50
 151 - 250

$ 11.50
 251 - 500

$ 10.75
 501 - 999

$ 10.50
 1,000 plus

$ 9.50

Price per Guest
3 entrees & 3 sides
 Guest Count

 1 - 50

 51 - 100

$ 15.50
 101 - 150

$ 14.50
 151 - 250

 $ 13.50
 251 - 500

 $ 12.75
 501 - 999

 $ 12.50
 1,000 plus

 $ 11.50

Additional Items Over and Above the Base Options Prices.

Additional Entree + $2.00 per guest
Additional Side Dish + $ 1.00 per guest

Children 3 years old and under are FREE
Children 4 to 10 years old - 1/2 price on the total Buffet Pricing

Optional Additional 1/2 hour of Buffet Service + $ .75 per guest

 How long do you want food service to last (min. 2 hours)? Please enter total desired time in half hour increments. Note: For (2 hours, enter 2) - (2 1/2 hours, enter 2.5) - etc.


 Please select desired Entree and Side Dish & Desert Choices by checking (clicking) the appropriate boxes. Some Choices have a per person surcharge as indicated.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice based on increases in Market Prices at the time of your event.

NOTE: Any item desired but not shown in these selection menus will be quoted separately. Please Call for a Quote from the AKF Chefs.e.g. for Entrees, Side Dishes, Deserts, Custom Decorated Sheet Cakes, Premium Wedding Cakes,etc.


Entree Choices: Select at least two items
 Charcoal Grilled Vienna Hot Dogs or Kosher Charcoal Grilled Hot Dogs  Country Charcoal Grilled or Barbecue Chicken ($1.75 extra per person)
(includes extra hot & mild BBQ Sauce)
 Charcoal Grilled 1/4lb. Pound Hamburgers, ( Note: To select Vegie-Burgers go to Side Dish Choices Below)  Charcoal Grilled Chicken Breast ($1.75 extra per person)
(Char Grilled or BBQ, or Marinated - Teriyaki or Italian style)
 Charcoal Grilled 1/3lb. Pound Hamburgers ($0.35 extra per person)  Jumbo Chicken "Ribs" (thigh) ($1.75 extra per person) (Char Grilled or BBQ)
 Charcoal Grilled Italian Sausage
Sweet Green Peppers extra!
 Charcoal Grilled Texas Tenderloin Rib Sandwich ($1.75 extra per person)
(includes extra hot & mild BBQ Sauce)
 Charcoal Grilled Fresh Wisconsin Bratwurst  Country Charcoal Grilled Pork Chops or Grilled White Fish ($2.00 extra) or (Market Price)
 Sliced Italian Beef
Sweet Green Peppers extra!
 Barbecued Baby Back Ribs ($2.95 extra per person) or ( Market Price)
(includes extra hot & mild BBQ Sauce)
 Sliced Barbecue Beef
(includes extra hot & mild BBQ Sauce)
 BBQ Smoked Pig Roast ($4.95 extra) or (Market Price)
 Beef Tacos (hard shell) ($1.25 extra per person)
(includes cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, Jalapeno peppers & onions)
 Pasta Primavera, Mustacholi in Marinara Sauce, Macaroni and Cheese or Make an Additional Selection Specify ($1.25 extra)
 Additional Selection Specify ($1.75 extra)
 Additional Selection Specify ($2.50 extra)

 Condiments Included at No Charge:

 Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Sweet pickle relish, Diced onions, Diced Tomatoes, Dill pickles, Gardinara peppers, Sport peppers

Optional Condiments - Select any desired items:
 Apple Sauce ($0.35 per person)  Crisp lettuce ($0.35 per person)
 BBQ Sauce - Hot and Mild
($0.50 per person)
 Grilled onions ($0.65 per person)
 Sauerkraut ($0.35 per person)  Sweet Green Peppers ($0.65 per person)
 Grilled Mushrooms ($0.75 per person)   Additional Selection Specify ($0.50 )
  Slice American Cheese or Specify Additional Selection ($0.75 per person)
 Items not listed Please Call for a quote From the AKF Chefs.

Side Dish Choices : Select at least two items

(Can combine with Desert Choices)
 Creamy Cole Slaw  Corn Cobbettes in Butter
 American Potato Salad  Grilled Corn-in-the-husk (1.50 extra)
 Roasted Garlic Pasta Salad  Fresh Bakery Dinner Rolls + Butter
 Vinaigrette Pasta Salad  Potato Chips (as a side item)
 Country Baked Beans  Fresh Tossed Lettuce Salad w/choice of Salad Dressing - Italian, French or Ranch
 Vegetable Tray (01.25 extra per person)  Fruit Salad (1.60 extra per person)
 Country Sweet Peas, Whole Corn, Mix Vegetables (Circle Choice) or Type in an Additional Selection Specify Below ($0.75)
 Mash Potatoes,Garlic Mash Potatoes or Country Baked Potatoes, Potatoes AuGratin (Circle Choice) or Type in an Additional Selection Specify Below ($1.25 )
 Vegie-Burgers, Mini Corn Dogs or Tater -Tots Potatoes, (Circle Choice) or Type an Additional Selection Specify Below ($1.75 )
  Items not listed Please Call for a quote From the AKF Chefs.

Dessert Choices (Can Combine with Side Choices)
 Ice Cold Watermelon Wedges  Gourmet Homemade Cookies ($1.25 extra per person)
 Good Humor Ice Cream ($2.50 extra per person) Ice Cream Carts with Umbrellas.  Gourmet Homemade Brownies ($1.25 extra per person)
 Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundaes ($2.75 extra per person) Toppings: Nuts, Whipped Cream, Hot Fudge, Fruit etc.....  Assorted Sweet rolls ($1.75 extra per person)
 Frosty Sno-Cones made to order ($1.75 extra per person)  Miniature Italian Pastries ($2.75 extra per person)
 Hot Caramel Apples with Nuts $2.50  Fresh Fruit Assortment ($1.75 extra)
 Additional Selection Specify ($0.75)
 Additional Selection Specify ($1.00)
 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches or Type in your Selection Below Specify($1.25)
  Items Not listed Please Call for a quote from the AKF Chefs.

Snacks & Appetizers - per person (not part of Side Item Choices)
 Hot Cheese Nachos w/Jalapeno Peppers - $2.50  Potato Chips (as a snack) - $0.75
 Hot Jumbo Salted Pretzels - $2.50  Fresh Hot Buttered Popcorn $1.50
 "Tony's" 5" Pizzas: Cheese $5.00 or Sausage $6.00  Cotton Candy - $2.00
 Jumbo Hot Dog and and Jays Potato Chips $4.00  Mini Cocktail Hot Dogs in BBQ Sauce - $1.75
 Assorted Cheese & Crackers Tray - $2.25  Swedish Meatballs - $2.00

Optional Special Items Offered

 Beautiful Ice Sculpture with White Spot lights / Colored Lighting $495.00 or

CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN 3 Assorted Fruits offered: Strawberries, Pineapple and Melons,(other selection available) Pricing based on 125 Guests: $1.50 per guest over 125 Guests and $.75 for additional selection. $495.00
 Custom Sheet Cakes will serves 50 guests (Note: for Company Logo's need to get a special Quote Please fax it to 630-325-3559
 Hors D'oeuvre (per person) - Not listed above at Market Price  Custom Wedding Cakes - Market Price
 Items not Listed: Call to Order for a Quote by the AKF Chefs.  

**Subtotal Prices for Custom Party Buffet!
DO NOT! Modify the following fields If you do,this form becomes invalid.
 Adult Count  Children (4 to 10 yrs old )
 Total Entrees & Sides  Total Entrees & Sides
 Total Snacks  Total Snacks
 Total Options  Total Options
 Additional Service Time  Additional Service Time
 Subtotal Food  Subtotal Food

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AKF Custom Beverage Menu
Customize your Party or Event's beverages
with the following Refreshing Options:

(Please insert a number in #2 and #3, if none then use a 0 )

1. If you desire a cash bar, skip this section. Cash Bar prices are shown for informational purposes only.
2. Prior to customizing your beverage package. please enter the number of Adults (21 & Over)
3. Please enter the number of hours you desire to have the AKF Beverage Service available, (0, 3, 4 or 5 hours)
Now, select the desired packages by checking (clicking) the appropriate boxes below.Note: Any item that does not have a price shown will not be part of this form. These items will be quoted separately.

After you have made all of your selections, Click on the "Calculate Beverages" button to determine your beverage costs.

. Children 3 years old and under are $1.00 for any hourly package combination.
2. Spirits are charged to Adults (21 & over) Only.
3. If either the
"AKF Brass Rail " or "Wild West Mixed Drinks" Package is chosen in addition to the Pepsi or Iced Tea package(s), Adults will not be double charged.

Beverages Hot and Cold

 Per Drink|
 Per Guest Fee


 Optional Cash Bar or "Run a Tab"

3 Hours Unlimited

4 Hours Unlimited

5 Hours Unlimited
 Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper,Slice/Sierra Mist- 10oz / 12oz

 $ 1.75 / $2.00

$ 3.95

$ 4.95

$ 5.95

 Pink Lemonade - 10oz / 12oz

$ 1.75 / $2.00

$ 3.95


$ 5.95

 Lipton Iced Tea /Raspberry Iced Tea 10oz / 12oz

$ 1.75/ $2.00

$ 3.95

$ 4.95

$ 5.95

  Fruit Punch "Fruit Works" Drinks:

$1.75 / $2.00

 $ 3.95

 $ 4.95

$ 5.95

 Ice Cold Clear Springs Bottled Water


$ 3.-95

$ 4.95

$ 5.95






 Fresh Brewed Hot Coffee: Regular or Decaf Coffee Option.


$ 3.95

$ 4.95

$ 5.95

 Hot Spiced Cider


$ 3.95

$ 4.95

$ 5.95

 Hot Chocolate


$ 3.95

$ 4.95

$ 5.95






 BEER: Miller Lite, Genuine Draft -


$ 12.95



 PREMIUM BEER & WINE PACKAGE: Blue Moon, Sam Adams, Modello, Corona and Coors Light, California Merlot and Chardonay


$ 14.95

$ 15.95

$ 16.95

 WINE: (Paul Masson Vinyards) Chablis, Burgundy. Premium Wines offered in the"Wine Package": California Merlots, Chardonnay or Choice Wines: 3hrs, 4hrs and 5hrs. Packages need to Quote:


$ 11.95

$ 12.95

$ 13.95


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper,Slice/Sierra Mist- Iced Water, Iced Tea, Miller Lite, Genuine Draft, Chardonnay, and White Zinfandel


 $ 12.95

 $ 13.95

 $ 14.95

plus everything in the "AKF BRASS RAIL" beverage package

$5.00 - $8.00

$ 16.95

$ 17.95

$ 18.95

 V.I.P. Saloon Package Available,Brand name liquors upon request)includes all Premium & Miller beers and all wine selections listed above.





Subtotal Prices for Custom Beverage Menu
DO NOT! Modify the following fields. If you do,
this form becomes invalid.

 Adult Count -  Minors 5 to 21 yrs -  
 Total Soft Drinks  Total Soft Drinks
 Total Spirits  Minors under 4 yrs -
 Liquor License  Total Soft Drinks
 Subtotal Beverages  Subtotal Beverages


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Event Additional Options


 Event Additional Options Totals

Event Credit Adjustments


 Event Credit Adjustments Total

Total Cost Summary For Your Event at "The Barn"

 Subtotal Food Cost

 Subtotal Beverages Cost

Subtotal Food & Beverage =
 7.75% Sales Tax Food & Beverage =  

15% Gratuity for Food & Beverage = (mandatory service charges for all parties & events)

Total Food & Beverage =

 "Country Wedding" Options Cost

AKF Inflatables & AKF Fun Games

AKF Games and Activities Cost

AKF Rides Cost

 Options Cost For Your Event

 AKF Base Lease and Rental Cost

Total Cost For Your Event =


 Additional Options Cost =

 Credit Adjustments =

Adjusted Credit & Options Totals =

 Less Reserve Date "Non-Refundable"Deposit


Total Event Balance Due Day of Event

NOTE:Total Balance Due One Week Before Reception For Weddings"Only"!

Click on the reset button below ONLY if you wish to erase the data you've entered above and start over. If you are satisfied with your data, DO NOT RESET THIS FORM . PRINT IT OUT NOW TO REVIEW!

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*AKF Entertainment will make every effort to give you notice on price changes on the options you have selected, but Please Note: That prices can be subject to change without notice based on current market conditions which "The Barn" and AKF Entertainment have no control over at the time of your Event.; (Example: for food, beverage, entertainment or utilities shortages etc....). You may have the option to change your selection if it can be completed in time before your Event.

Please mail or fax your estimate with the AKF License Agreement shown below to "The Barn" at Arabian Knights Farms, please complete the following information. We will use your data to determine a final quote. Items marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.

  Your Name:  
  Your Title: 
  City:         State:	  Country:	
  Phone No:*  
  Primary date desired:*        
  Alternate date:        
  Desired start time for food service:  
  Desired start time for beverage service:  

Fax it to(630)325-3559 Attn: Michael

Note: You must fill out and sign the "AKF License Agreement"Below

AKF Entertainment

"The Barn"
Arabian Knights Farm & Training Center Inc.
License Agreement

Arabian Knights Farm Training Center Inc. (Licensor) grants

To: ______________________________________________________

(Print Company or Group Name)


(Address) (City/State/Zip) and (E-mail Address)



(Licensee) a non-exclusive license to utilize those portions of Licensor's property described herein for purposes of:
Party, Picnic, Dance Dinner, Country Wedding Reception or Wedding Ceremony, Meeting, Silent or Open Auction, Concert, Fund Raiser, Class Reunion, Play or a Special Event, Etc.................

Type of Event Describe____________________________________,
to be held on this date:____/____/____ Starting Time: _________A.M. P.M. Ending Time:_______A.M. P.M. all subject to terms and conditions of this License Agreement. 1. For the privilege of such license, Licensee shall pay to Licensor a base fee of $____________, plus any additional fees for options selected from the contract addendum. Licensee shall deposit with Licensor to reserve the above event date at least 30 days prior to the event date a $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 dollar deposit of the base fee and addendum totals. Licensee will forfeit this deposit if the event date is canceled or changed.

If the event planner is filled out and is faxed back AKF with a reserved date and a deposit to hold that date is received by mailed or given to AKF management to reserve such date then this agreement is binding to all terms and conditions as stated here in, Signed or unsigned.

2. Licensee shall provide to Licensor certificates of insurance evidencing insurance coverage in types and amounts as specified by Licensor insuring Licensee's event and naming Licensor as an additional insured. In addition, Licensee hereby agrees to indemnify Licensor of any and all liability, including; attorney's fees, that may arise by virtue of Licensee's use of property. Such indemnity shall include Licensee's obligations set forth in Paragraph six (6) hereof.

3. Licensee shall be solely responsible for the maintenance of the property licensed and upon its Cessation of use shall maintain, repair and restore the property to its condition immediately following Licensee's use.

4. Licensee shall be responsible for obtaining all permits required from all governmental entities and prior to making application for any such licenses shall give notice thereof to Licensor who reserves the right to obtain or coordinate the processing of such permits.

5. Licensee warrants that the total attendance of this event shall involve _______ of Guest and would not require utilization of off-site parking. All parking will be on Licensor's property only. No parking allowed on Clarendon Hills Road or on Tennessee Street. Violators will be ticketed and towed at owner's expense. If additional parking is required, Licensor needs 30 days written notice in advance of said event.
NOTE: A shuttle bus would be required at Licensee's expense when using the additional parking area (3) minutes south on Clarendon Hills Road).

6. By virtue of this License Agreement, Licensee agrees to be bound by and comply with all applicable ordinances of the village of Willowbrook and all Laws and regulations of all other governmental entities having jurisdiction including, but not limited to the following matters:
(A) Adequate provision of police security, fire safety, suitable access for emergency vehicles or on-site traffic control if needed.
(B) $100.00 fee will be charged to pay for a liquor license,if liquor is to be served at this event.
(C) Adequate provision for site sanitation including verification that sufficient toilet and sanitary facilities are provided.
NO OUTDOOR MUSIC is allowed, or use of outdoor Public Address System (Except for Horse Show Presentations). Music can be used if indoor show arena is leased. All music and P.A. systems used indoors must cease by 11:50 p.m.

Licensee further agrees to be solely responsible for all of the above costs if required for your Event Picnic, Wedding, Party or Concert Etc.....


7. NO PETS ALLOWED on Licensor's property. Safety of all attendees and farm animals will be maintained at all times. Licensor's insurance company requires this policy.

8. Licensee will pay in full all monies due Licensor on or before the day of the event, or a $50.00 service charge will assessed.

9.Licensor reserves the exclusive right to revoke this License Agreement and the license granted hereunder at any time, including prior to the event, upon any breach of this Agreement or any applicable ordinance or law.

6526 Clarendon Hills Road Willowbrook, IL 60527, Phone(630) 325-3482, Fax (630) 325-3559
Michael D. Vena, Vice President and Director of Marketing Voice Mail: (630) 327-7399, Pager (312) 797-9674

AKF Signature (Approval) Date LICENSEE

Company or Group Name

Address City/State/Zip

Phone (Home) (Business)

(Print Name in Full) (Signature) (Date)

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